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ML-700L PP PS Plastic Sheet Extruder For Thermoforming

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Made in china
Brand Name: xiao hai
Model Number: ML-700L
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Delivery Time: according to the machine,10-30 days.
Payment Terms: 30% downpayment and pay the balance before shipment afer test the machine in our factory.
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Product Description



1) Mainly used to produce PP, PS(HIPS),PE plastic sheets for beverage mugs, ice cream cups, jelly cups and other packing containers

2)Max. Sheet width: 700mm

3) Sheet thickness is 0.3-2.0mm

4)24 HOURS production capacity is 4800kg

5) Output: 200kg/hour

6) Total start power: 120kw

7)average consumption :80kw

8) Overall dimensions: 13m x 2.5m x 2 m

9)weight of machine 5(ton)


1)gearbox model: hardface model 250 ,speed rato:14:1

(made in china xiaoshan)

2) Screw diameter: 100mm,L/D ration 32:1(zhoushan)

3)Screw rotating speed: 0—90rpm

4)Screw material: 38CrMOALA

5)Screw heat treatment Nitriding hardness≥HV85,depth:0.5—0.7mm

6)Barrel heat treatment Nitriding hardness≥HV950,

depth: 0.5—0.7mm

7) Main motor power: 55kw(made in china)

8) screw heating power:6area x7kw/area=42kw

9)Tee joint heating and net change device heating power is :2area x3power/area=6kw

10) T-die Runner: clothes-hanger pattern

11)t-die width :800mm,heating power=15kw( 5area x3 kw/area=15kw)

12)hydraulic net change device ,hydraulic station motor:2.2kw



1)three roller size :¢350x770mm(made in china )

2) Three roller material: 45﹟seamless steel tube, inner surface of roller have water circulation system (made in china)

3)Three roller motor:5.5kw

4)Three roller reduction box:wpa-120  speed ratio :120-A

4)Three roller model :45degree arrange(the same as above picture)

5) Three rollers bounce: ≤0.011mm

6) Three rollers surface roughness≤Ra 0.025

7) Three rollers transmission: one motor control three roller simultaneous transmission

8) Three rollers linear speed: 20 m/min

IV: (Traction) part

 1)Rubber roller: ¢180×770mm (place of origin)

2)Traction roller: ¢180×770mm (made in our factory)

3)rewinding sheet roller: 2 pieces (industry standard)

4)Lateral sheet rewinding device (two sides): 1 set

5)Cutter: 1 group

6)Motor: 3KW-6

7)Speed reducer 100, speed ratio: 100-A (JIEPAI, made in hangzhou)

8)Transition roller and sliding rollers altogether 7 pieces

 9)Traction speed: 21 m/min


V:Electrical Part

1)converter and motor : 55KW (1 set), 5.5KW (1 set) ,3.7kw(1set),made in china

3)Solid state relay: Lanning (Sino-US joint venture)

4)Breaker and A.C. contactor: LS, made in S. Korea

5)Temperature controller, made in Shanghai

6)Aviation plug: made in Beijing

7)Other electrical components: CHINT, made in China

8)Thermal tube radiator seat: made in Yueqing, Zhejiang

ML-700L PP PS Plastic Sheet Extruder For Thermoforming

ML-700L PP PS Plastic Sheet Extruder For Thermoforming

ML-700L PP PS Plastic Sheet Extruder For Thermoforming

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