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Core Benefits of Cushion Air Column Bags

  1. Save space,low cost,the volume of bag without air only 1/150 of tranditional packaging materials.
  2. the bag with air can bear 60-120kg pressure without broken the goods
  3. 5 or 7 layer PE/PA co-extruded film deliver high strength and superior airtightness, which ensure the optimum cushion performance of the air column bags.
  4. Wide variety of bag patterns such as Q bag, U bag, Cap, Pad, Roll, etc, can meet every cushion packing requirement.
  5. The bag utilizes one-way air valve, which enables all the columns of the bag to be inflated sinmultaneously, and the air will be locked inside the columns.

If one column of the bag is broken or torn, the other columns will remain intact, as each column is independent.



inflatable air column bag making machine

  NO.1  Model QZ-1200 (roll type)

Technical Parameters:

Membrane Roll Size:  Max. roll width: 1250mm

                            Max. roll diameter:500mm

The Highest Speed of Column Pressing:

18 cycles/min.(Speed adjustable)

                  20 mm column- 14 columns per pressing

                  30 mm column- 10 columns per pressing

                  40 mm column- 7 columns per pressing

                  60 mm column- 5 columns per pressing

The Max. Width of Pressed Column: 1220mm

Column Pressing Parameters: Realized via PLC control panel for column pressing speed, welding temperature, pressing time, standards compensation, etc.

Power consumption:  15.2 kw

Air supply: 0.68MPA

Weight: 2800kg

Dimensions: 5320 X 1800 X 1680 mm


inflatable air column piece bag cutting machine

 NO.2  QZD-800 ( bag piece by piece)

Membrane Roll Size:

Max. roll width: 1250mm

                             Max. roll diameter:400mm

 Speed : 24-35 pcs/min. 

Max. Bag length:  <900mm 

Max. Bag width: <750mm 

Bag Making Parameters: Realized by PCL control panel for setting pressing time, pressing temperature, standards compensation, roll-unwinding, automatic variation correction system

Power consumption: 2.7 kw

Air supply: 0.65MPA

Weight: 1800kg

Dimensions: 4400 X 2400 X 1480 mm


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